Smurf Surfing FAQs
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 How can I start Surfing?

Firstly, you need to Add your own Websites, Banners or Text Ads to your account, by clicking the Ads button above. Select from the drop down box depending whether you want to add a website, banner (Standard size of 468x60 pixels), or Text Ad.
Depending on your Smurf Level, your be able to add a number of Websites, Banners and Text Links (Lowest amounts aloud are for our new Baby Smurfers (FREE) users), but still Great for beginners looking to advertise their business or opportunities to real human viewers.

By Upgrading your Smurf Level, you can increase the amount of Websites, Banners and Text Ads you can add to the Smurfing Advertising Rotator system. Baby Smurfs can Add 5 Websites, 5 Banner and 5 Text Ads whereas King Smurfers can Add 30 Websites, 30 Banners plus 30 Text Ads.
See complete breakdown of Smurf Levels, Allowances and Surf Credit Ratio;s given under the UpGrade link inside your Account Tab above.
When you Upgrade, don't panic, all your previous Websites, Banners and Text Ads will still be there, your just be able to Add more NOW to your new Smurf Level's maximum amounts.

Now your set to click the SURF button and start Surfing to earn credits against your account to show your Websites, Banners and Text Ads to other Smurfers. Your see along the top area, a clock showing how many seconds left before being able to confirm the viewing of the currently shown Website.. When the timer reaches the required viewing time, your see 5 Smurf pictures. All you have to do, is click on the same Smurf image that is being shown on the furthest left side of your screen. The system will automatically move on to the next Website to view and credit your account with the relevant credits dependant on your Smurf Level.

UpGrading brings far greater benefits. As a Baby Smurfer you receive 0.5 of a credit for each new website viewed with a timer of 10 seconds, whereas KING Smurfers receive 2 credits for each website viewed and a time of only 4 seconds. You need 1 credit, no matter your Smurf Level for one of your websites to be shown to other Smurfers. For example, you have 4 websites, you would need 4 credits for each of them to be seen once. 40 credits for each of them to be seen 10 times. You can see full credit ratios under the UpGrade Tab inside your Account Tab above.

If your account is inactive for 30 days, your account may be made inactive and your need to re activate your email address. Inactive means, 0 credits in account or no surfing for 30 days after your last login.By not surfing on a regular basis will have your Ads placed in lower priority in the Ad rotator. Surf regularly and be seen by more Smurfers. 
These rules will not affect our regular subscribers as credits are automatically placed in your account every month on receipt of subscription payment, the same with members who have taken up the offers showing at intervals during surfing for 6 month or yearly upgrades.
To have account re-instated, just request verification code to your email address you used when signing up. Check your email account, if not in your inbox, take a look inside your spam folder, it may have ended up there. Your have to transfer the email from your spam folder to your inbox for the link to become active, if not copy and paste it in your browsers address bar. If no credicts are added to sites, banners or text ads within 5 days of being re-instated, membership will be suspended indefinately and account deleted from the Smurf Surfing system.


Can I Make Money Using Smurf Surfing

Yes you can make money using Smurf Surfing. When you sign up your automatically given your affiliate I.D number. Inside the Affiliate Link, you will see a number of prepared Splash pages, Banners and Text Ads that you are welcome to use to promote Smurf Surfing. Your notice at the end of the Splash Page URL address, is your members number. Make sure that when you copy the link to where ever you’re going to promote Smurf Surfing that this URL stays as is written in this website with your members number at the end. The same applies to the Banners Ads and Text Ads.
When viewers click on your link, and sign up to Smurf Surfing they will automatically put placed in your referral downline. When these referrals take advantage of the OTO (One Time Offer), Upgrade their Smurf Level or purchase one of the Credit Packages, you will automatically receive an email notifying you that you have received commission. To check your commission's amounts, navigate to the Affiliates Tab and select commissions. This will display all of the commissions you have earnt from your referral downline.
Make sure that you have completed your PayPal address in your profile and when you have received enough commission for a withdrawal (Minimum $5 withdrawal) just request and this will be sent to your PayPal account.
A Commissions are paid on a varying percentage, dependant on product purchased from Smurf Surfing plus your Smurf Level. For example: Baby Smurf will receive a reward of 5% of their referral downlines purchases, but a King Smurf will receive 40%. You are not limited to one purchase per downline referral of yours, the more they purchase, the more you will receive.

Can I Cancel my Smurf Surfing Account?

Of course, the Smurfs will not hold you to ransom, but before deleting your account contact Papa Smurf and let him know your reasons for wanting to Cancel your account. Papa Smurf is very reasonable and if he can deal with your reasons for deletion, he surely will. If your still unhappy with Papa Smurfs actions, just head over to your Account Profile, scroll to the end and then select Delete Account.

Additional Information about Smurf Surfing

If you have any additional questions that your unsure about, do not hesitate to contact the Smurf Help , who will get back to you as soon as possible.

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